I black an white 2am a sustainable design engineer recently graduated from University of Greenwich, where I attended a Msc in Sustainable Building Engineering. This course gave me the instruments to fully understand the interrelationships between the Climate Change and the built environment and to develop sustainable strategies to be applied on new and existing buildings to reduce Carbon emissions through the optimization of the building envelope and its composition.

I am also a Passive House accredited designer with a huge passion for construction techniques and design of shading systems.

I am currently working in a energy rating company where I am enhancing my knowledge of the building services and the available procedures to increase the energy efficiency of domestic and non domestic dwellings according to building regulations England Part L document.

The purpose of this website is to inform professionals working in the same field on up-to-date news within the sustainable design ranging from thermal modelling to building regulations upgrades, passive and active strategies and new renewable resources, in order to keep track of any exciting news and follow the pace of this always changing world.

I hope this space could be of any interest for all of you sharing a passion or a profession for the sustainable building design.


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